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Channel777 is a completely free service available to Bet777 account holders only. Watch the biggest sporting events while betting live throughout the calendar year!

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Channel777 ×

Is a completely free service that is only available to Bet777 account holders. Follow the biggest sports events while betting live all year round!

Follow the Serie A, the Eredivisie, the MLS, Roland Garros, the US Open and the Euroleague!

How do you watch Channel777?

chnnel777Discover more than 12,000 events on Channel777.

chnnel777To start looking, all you have to do is log in.

chnnel777As soon as you press the Channel777 iconChannel777next to an event, you have the possibility to follow this live video event.


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ComboMax ×

Thanks to Bet777’s ComboMax, your odds can be boosted by up to 50%!

Bet777 will boost your odds for every Combo bet you place. But it gets even better, because the bigger the Combo bet, the more we boost your odds. Not only can you place bets on a large combination of your favourite sporting events, we will even reward you for doing so!

Combo Additional/Extra winnings %
Trebles 5%
4 fold 7%
5 fold 10%
6 fold 15%
7 fold 20%
8 fold 25%
9 fold 30%
10 fold 35%
11 fold 40%
12 fold 45%
+ 13 fold 50%
Bet-X | Promotions | Bet777

Bet-X allows you to add new selections to your existing open bet. Don't hesitate, profit now!


One thing is for sure though, you won't want to miss the 777.be TV Advertisement with none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Official Sponsors Team 777 CX

777.be is glad to sponsor this exciting young cyclocross team! 

Bet-X ×
  1. Choose the event you wish to add to your open bet. Select "Choose a bet to edit".
  2. Select any valid open bet listed and click "Add to this bet".
  3. Place your new improved bet and watch the money come in.

How to use the ‘BET-X’ feature?

This feature allows you to add new selections to your existing open bet.

When logged in you can now add a selection(s) to your bet slip, instead of placing a new bet(s), you can add these selections to existing open bets which have the Cash Out option available.

If you decide to use the 'BET-X' feature, you can choose which open bet from ‘my bets’ to modify. Once the open bet from my bets is selected, the original selections placed beforehand are added on the bet slip alongside the newly added selection(s).

Your new bet stake is equal to the Cash Out amount on offer at the time of adding and you cannot modify the stake amount. The original selections will be placed on the current odds at the time of adding.

Once a new bet is placed via the 'BET-X' mode, the original open bet is Cashed Out and its Cash Out amount is used for the placement of your newly modified bet.


Terms and Conditions

JCVD is BACK on Bet777.be ! ×

In the first of two new Ads our hero is on a mission to show players the importance of playing with moderation.

Jean-Claude Van Damme displays his renown charm, charisma, and famous moves to stress the important of responsible gambling, as he says: "Style is to know your limits!" 

We hope you enjoy this thrilling TV ad as much as we enjoyed recording it with the greatest Belgian Hollywood star ever!

777.be is glad to sponsor this exciting young cyclocross team!×

Team 777 CX have been enjoying so much success. Last season we had 11 victories and 17 podium finishes. We expect the medals and podium finishes to keep on coming.

The feel-good mentality is clear throughout the team and Annemarie Worst and Alice Maria Arzuffi and Inge van der Heijden have spoken about the feelings within the camp;

"We are all very happy to be part of the Triple 7 Team, having opportunities to work with Camiel van der Bergh, having training with teammates in a nice atmosphere and having good material and staff to cover the races. It’s a unique team to improve in Cyclocross. Plus, we all have the same goal: winning!” 

It is a partnership which not only will see us promoting a successful cyclocross team, but, also a young exciting roster of female cyclocross potential for years to come. This is echoed by Camiel van der Bergh, sports director, who helps to train and develop this team of talented riders;

"We are satisfied with our partnership with a company as solid as 777.be. It's a unique match between a dynamic company and a dynamic team. As a team, we believe that we can give 777.be more exposure and notoriety in Flanders, the home of cycling and cyclocross."

You can keep up-to-date on how the team is doing on their website, and, by following them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Euro Splash

We’re looking to crown our betting champion for Euro 2020, will it be YOU?

Bet with us and prove you’re the best by participating in our European Challenge!

How to play?

Take part in our promotion with a buy-in of €1. Then place live or pre-live bets of at least €5 on the events of your choice.

Every bet you win will earn you points and at the end of the Euro’s, players who have the highest number of points will win great prizes. Will you win one of our TOP prizes?

1st - A CAR (Mini Cooper)
2nd - A LAPTOP (Macbook Pro)
3rd - SMARTPHONE (iPhone 12)
4th - €250 Voucher Card (1.777.700 Premium coins)
5th - €100 Voucher Card (799.000 Premium coins)
6th-777th - Premium League coins

How are my points calculated?

For every winning bet, the odds of your bet will be the points you win. For every win, these points will be added to your total points tally.


During the Euro’s you placed the following bets: €20 on a combo bet: Belgium and France to win their first match @4.00 - Won (bet eligible) €10 on a single bet inplay: Italy to get the next corner @1.80 - Won (bet eligible) €4 on a single pre match bet: De Bruyne to score first @6.00 - Won (bet not eligible, stake too low) €25 on a combo bet: Depay and Mbappé to score @5.00 - Lost (bet not eligible) €5 on a single bet: Belgium to win and both teams to score @2.70 (bet eligible)

You won three bets, so your total points at the end of Euro’s will be 4.00+1.80+2.70 = 8.50 points.